I don't know where to begin... (ithinkiamfree) wrote in nogirlsclub,
I don't know where to begin...

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Popping the cherry

The first post by the first user in the new community... I feel like I'm taking the v-card from some nubile young chick out behind the school.

The place is pretty self-explanatory, if you bother to read the info *points to the link at the top of the page.* It's a closed community, but there aren't many strict rules to gain admission - have a weiner, and need to vent about the gender on which you like to use it. Feel free to talk about other "manly" stuff as well, like sports, cars, knitting... whatever floats your boat. Anyone can add comments though, dude or chick, so feel free to have your say... ya never know, some use might come of it. If you want in, just contact me, either through my username, or through my email that's listed in the community info. not a tough concept, eh?
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